BEAUTY NOVELTY WITH CBD This serum conjures up thicker eyelashes and eyebrows

Take the most popular active ingredient from cosmetics, a vitamin, and two natural oils - the result is absolutely new: a serum with exactly these ingredients that ensures thicker eyebrows and eyelashes. We put the booster to the test and even got it for you at a great price. Here you will find the innovative serum cheaper and store the beauty
.The most important at a glance:
Lash and Brow Booster with CBD from Nordic Cosmetics.
CBD and vitamin F strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows
Argan and castor oil nourish and intensify brows and eyelashes
Eyelashes and brows break off less, become longer and fuller
Natural contents for a natural result
For a short time, you get the eyebrow and eyelash serum

You dream of a dramatic eye look and thick eyebrows - but prefer to go the natural way in cosmetics? That should no longer be a problem. The eyebrow and eyelash serum from Nordic Cosmetics strengthens eyebrows and eyelashes in a super gentle way with CBD, vitamin F, and two valuable oils.

CBD eyelash serum for long, strong eyelashes? That's what's behind it!

The secret to long lashes doesn't always have to be expensive treatments or tons of chemicals. It's enough to nourish your lashes so that they become stronger. And that's exactly what the eyelash and eyebrow serum from NordicCosmetics does. With CBD and vitamin F, it nourishes and cares for the fine hairs all the way to the tips, giving them stability. The result: eyelashes and eyebrows break off less. They become more flexible and elastic and can thus grow full of power in length.

CBD, Vitamin F, Argan oil, and Rinzinus oil - this combo has never been seen before.

We know that CBD has soothing effects on our skin. But now the substance is also supposed to convince in the form of a serum: There is 10 mg of synthetic CBD crystals in this bottle, which are also highly effective for your little hairs.

Vitamin F is, so to speak, the energy boost for your eyelashes and eyebrows: It nourishes them and gives them not only health and strength but also new elasticity. Proven helpers for strengthened hair are argan and castor oil: these natural substances can even stimulate your eyelash and eyebrow growth, creating even more length and volume!


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