How can I eat consciously? 11 tips for enjoyment without renunciation

Eating consciously is not difficult at all! Here are eleven valuable tips on how you can change your diet!
Who doesn't know it: We feel stressed and are always in a hurry - even when it comes to cooking and eating! No wonder that the burger from the snack bar around the corner often ends up on the plate or the sweet chocolate bar has to serve.

It should be clear that we do ourselves more harm than good: bad eating habits make us tired and flabby, can drive up our weight, and cause diseases such as diabetes, gout, or cardiovascular diseases. So it's time to rethink and give our diet the attention it deserves. Because as the saying goes: You are what you eat! A conscious, balanced diet not only provides our body with all the important nutrients, but it also has an influence on our state of mind and makes a decisive contribution to our health. 

Of course, you don't have to change your entire diet from one day to the next, but little by little you can change old habits and set new standards. And one thing is for sure: with a conscious diet, you do something really good for your body and feel better all around. Try it out!

Pay attention to your hunger pangs!
We often eat even though we're not hungry: In a large group, we are quickly tempted to eat because it's so hard to say no - and of course food envy sets in quickly when everyone orders a pizza. Or we eat out of boredom or when we're not in a good mood: The famous frustration eating is the keyword here! And of course, food sometimes serves as a substitute for satisfaction when we feel sad or lack energy.
Now and then there's nothing wrong with sharing a pizza in a large group, and on a bad day chocolate pudding can work wonders as a soul comforter, but in general you should really only eat when you're hungry. Otherwise, you'll quickly feel overeaten and consume far more calories than necessary.

Cooking yourself instead of ready-made products!
Ready-made products contain a lot - unfortunately, good nutrients or vitamins are rarely included. Instead, flavor enhancers, E-numbers, preservatives, too much salt, and sugar take their place. If you want to avoid this, cooking for yourself is the way to go. Cooking is fun and the most important thing is that you know exactly what's in it!

Cook with fresh ingredients from the region
The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste, and the more good nutrients you get. The best ingredients come fresh from the farmer's market or the regional corner of the supermarket. Imported produce, on the other hand, often needs to be preserved for a period of time before it hits the shelves. This involves early harvesting and a long chain of refrigeration routes or the addition of preservatives - all factors that negatively affect the flavor and vitamin and nutrient content.
Especially when it comes to fruit, vegetables, baked goods, meat, cheese, and fish, it pays to buy products from the region: that way you can be sure that certain quality standards are met. In the best case, you can find out directly about cultivation, husbandry, and production.

Look for feature
Admittedly, finding your way through the jungle of seals is sometimes not that easy. However, it is worth paying attention to quality and knowing the criteria for certain seals. The EU organic seal, for example, stands for organic farming and cultivation. A food product must comply with at least 95% of the following points, among others: no genetic engineering and no use of pesticides or fertilizers. Also, animals are raised with organic feed and without antibiotics.
Nevertheless, some criticisms have been voiced about this seal, such as the fact that farms are allowed to do conventional and organic farming at the same time, and organic food could be contaminated in the process. In contrast, other seals, such as those of Demeter or Naturland, for example, stand for even stricter requirements and for even higher quality.
In any case, it makes sense to avoid food from conventional cultivation or factory farming and rather pay attention to seals and quality. Or buy directly from the local producer or fresh from the weekly market!

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Simple recipes: Woman has fun cooking
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Simple recipes
Recipes with too many ingredients can quickly take the fun out of cooking, especially since that often means an extra round at the supermarket and more time spent. So the motto is the simpler the recipes, the better! We have many simple and quick recipes ready for you, which will bring you something delicious on the plate even with a small-time budget.

Avoid sugar
Sugar can upset your hormone balance and is partly responsible for many diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a piece of chocolate cake with your Sunday coffee - but there is with five pieces! Because sugar is also addictive, worsens the appearance of the skin and causes your blood sugar level to rise rapidly: Insulin transports sugar to the cells and stores the unneeded energy there as fat. The logical consequence: too much sugar makes you fat! Therefore, it is better to use natural sweeteners such as fructose, honey, or agave syrup and try to avoid sugary foods.


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