INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Finally get more done!

The day is over and you've only done half of what you set out to do? We present 14 tricks that will increase your productivity.

1. increase productivity: give up multitasking
Want to save time and get more done? Then you should stop multitasking starting today. Scientists found out in 2000 that multitasking hurts our ability to concentrate. We work slower and make more mistakes. The brain is simply not made to constantly switch back and forth between multiple work areas. Each time, a rethinking takes place - and that costs time.

So focus on one task at a time before moving on to the next. This will increase your productivity and help you work more thoroughly and quickly.

2 Eliminate distractions
Work so focused that you forget everything around you for a short period of time: Psychologists call this phenomenon "flow". It takes about 20 minutes before we can reach the deepened state of flow, where concentration reaches its highest level. And one thing is for sure: The more often you get into a flow, the more productive you are!

However, this only works if we are not constantly disturbed by external distractions. Indeed, we can't control everything. If the boss calls about an important special task, we have to jump. But we can still get a few distracting factors out of the way. For example: define specific time slots in which you check your emails. It can also help to turn off social media notifications. That way, you won't be surprised by sudden messages that take you out of the flow and reduce your productivity.

3. Give goals a time frame.
Have you ever heard of timeboxing? It's a real insider tip for increased productivity. This concept can help you tremendously in getting more done every day. It involves giving specific goals a specific time frame. In other words, it's an optimized to-do list that incorporates the time frame.

If you have an important phone call coming up, you write down the activity, time, and goal. So:

4 p.m. Phone call with Ms. Messner, goal: customer acquisition.

It is much easier to keep to-do's if we are aware of the goal each time, what is behind it. That spurs us on and makes us productive!

4. increase productivity through more order
Oops, there's still that one bill that needs to be paid. And there's that old coffee cup in the back that could be put away, too. Sound familiar? Clutter is often a big production killer, robbing us of time and messing up our priorities.

We actually want to devote all of our time to work, but are constantly reminded of other tasks by the leftovers on our desk. Not all of us are total neat freaks, and we don't have to be. But there's a mantra that can help you never get bogged down in chaos: at the end of the workday, clear the clutter. Take 10 minutes and tidy up your workspace. That way, you'll start the next day motivated and won't be greeted by a big mess.

Besides, it's much more fun to work at a nicely tidy workplace (with stylish decorations!).

5. let go of perfectionism
"I can't stop yet, it's not perfect!" If you know this though, you clearly belong to the perfectionism team.

Unfortunately, perfectionistic thinking is deadly for fast, effective work. Because if it were up to our perfectionism, we would get stuck on absolutely every task forever until it is then - apparently - perfect. But there is no time for that in the daily routine.

Do what is important (to you) with all your heart and high standards. The rest does not have to get the grade "very good with an asterisk" - a "good" is sometimes enough.

6. plan breaks
Sit back and take a break! No one who wants to get a lot done during the day wants to hear that. You almost feel guilty when your coffee break lasts ten minutes longer than planned.

But even if your ambition resists, breaks should be taken. You should even include them in your daily schedule! If you take enough time to regenerate, you'll get a lot more done during the day and feel more relaxed.

Think of it this way: a forester doesn't cut down trees all the time either - every now and then you have to take the time to sharpen your ax!

By the way, scientists recommend that we take a short break of 15 minutes after about an hour and a half of work. This promotes productivity,

7. do the same tasks one after the other
You've already read above about how unproductive multitasking makes you. So it's better to avoid doing different things at the same time. From this insight, we can derive another tip that can increase your productivity. Namely: Do the same things one after the other!

In every job, there is one or the other task that is always done in the same way. For example Answer emails. Obtain appropriate visuals. And so on.

Instead of constantly switching back and forth between tasks, you should do similar things one after the other. You make it very easy for your brain, because this way less thinking is required. If you work on the same tasks, your eye for the essentials is sharpened and there are far fewer careless mistakes. This will also please your boss.

8. increase productivity through the perfect morning routine
Many of us struggle out of bed, stumble to the coffee machine and then drag ourselves to the desk as fast as we can. Energy? Motivation? Inspiration? I wish!

To start the day off right full of beans helps to build a productive morning routine. In other words, a few habits that you repeat every day and every morning. This sharpens your focus, improves your mood, and lets you start the day fully motivated.

There is no perfect morning routine that fits all of us. All that matters is that you choose a few activities that you like and that gives you strength. For example, a morning routine could look like this:

Have a cup of coffee while reading a few pages 
Then do a few short stretching exercises 
Shower, get dressed, get ready
Eat some breakfast and write a to-do list for the day
Listen to a podcast on the way to work 
Tip: Try not to read the news first thing when you get up. The negative messages can be quite demotivating, make you listless and reduce your productivity. First, wake up properly, do something good for yourself and then check the news!

9. Do the hardest thing first
A really big task is coming up. It seems so overwhelming that you keep putting it off - until you reach the end of the day. Annoying, procrastination has won!

All of us are familiar with this typical procrastination behavior that comes up whenever a challenge just seems too overwhelming. To defeat procrastination (the scientific term for procrastination), the following rule helps: Always do the hardest task of the day first.

A strategy that is also known as "Eat the frog" in the English-speaking world. Clear out the most unpleasant to-do first and thereby reduce anxiety and stress, which reduce your productivity.

10. shorten your to-do list
Like to jot down what else you want to accomplish that day? Wonderful! Keeping your goals in mind can be very motivating and increase your productivity. However, if your to-do list is overflowing, you won't feel motivated anymore, but overwhelmed.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to reduce the to-do list to the relevant things. Think about three really important to-dos that absolutely have to be done - come what may. Then you can list five more items that you also want to check off. That's it! Protect yourself from being overwhelmed by not taking on more than you really need to. Otherwise, you risk stress, dissatisfaction, and even burnout.

11. identify productive times
Some of us like to get up early and start working right away. Others are more of a morning person and tend to develop their most productive phase later in the day. When do you work best? Are you someone who is extremely focused in the morning, or does your work peak even start in the afternoon?

If we know our personal peak time and don't let ourselves get interrupted during that time, we can get a lot more done during the day. That's how we reach a whole new level of productivity.

12. improve productivity through a conscious diet
Fancy a delicious pizza for lunch? That sounds good at first. But a heavy lunch makes it less efficient to work. The reason: the body needs more energy to digest fatty foods. And this energy is then lacking when we work. It is therefore not uncommon for a sumptuous lunch to be followed by a major energy low. We feel tired and would prefer to do nothing at all.

To increase your own productivity, you should therefore make sure you eat a balanced and conscious diet. Especially in the morning and at noon - these meals have a huge impact on your ability to concentrate.

Apply the 5-second rule
You feel like cleaning out your closet today, but you don't feel productive at all? Then the thought is quickly dismissed. That's too bad! To make sure it doesn't happen again, you should apply what's called the 5-second rule. A concept that was brought to life by the author Mel Robbins.

It says: Start doing unpleasant tasks within five seconds. If you wait longer, the likelihood that you'll put them off increases. So if you have the decluttering thought, you should count down from 5 to 1 and get up immediately. Sometimes you have to trick your brain to be able to increase your productivity!

14. improve sleep rhythm
You can't be productive if you're tired! Lack of sleep is not always the reason for tiredness. Often, poor sleep quality is also to blame for constant yawning. You wake up in the morning, have slept long enough, and still don't feel fit. This lowers your own productivity enormously.

Tips that can improve your sleep quality include:

Replace your pillow (if you wake up with neck tension, dizziness, or a headache, it's usually the wrong pillow's fault).
no electrical appliances 30 minutes before going to bed
darken the bedroom more (turn off flashing electrical devices)
if possible, always go to bed at the same time
if possible, always get up at the same time
do not exercise two hours before going to bed
meditate shortly before going to bed (you can learn meditation here)
Increase your own productivity and get more done during the day: The 14 tips presented here can help enormously! Here you can also find out which time management methods are recommended if you want to save time.


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