MORNING MUFFLE Get out of bed with these tips

As a morning person, you can hardly get out of bed in the morning. We reveal the best tips to help you overcome your morning slump.
What is a morning person?
The classic morning grouch is usually in a bad mood when the alarm clock rings early and he has to get up, is nagging and taciturn. He would prefer to turn over again and sleep on. In most cases, you are a morning grouch if you belong to the so-called chronotype of owls. This means people whose internal clock is not yet set for the day in the morning and who are correspondingly difficult to get out of bed, but who are still wide awake and concentrated long into the evening.

The opposite of the owl and the morning grouch is the so-called lark: This chronotype is an early riser who goes to work in the morning in a good mood and wide awake, but loses his energy earlier in the evening and goes to bed early accordingly. Whether one is an owl or a lark is a predisposition.

Working early: The enemy of all owls
In today's working world, where people often start work between 8:00 and 9:00, owls are often left behind. But that doesn't mean they have to resign themselves to always being unfocused and tired in the morning. While you generally can't change your type, some tips can help morning grouches get a better start to the day.

Tips for morning grouches: How to get out of bed well
Are you a morning person but have to get up early regularly? These tips will help you beat your internal clock:

Focus on light: Daylight makes you awake because it ensures that sleep hormones are broken down in the body. In summer, we should therefore let the blinds up directly after getting up. Fresh air also helps to clear the head - so it's best to open the window completely for about ten minutes and ventilate. In winter, it feels dark all the time - here, for example, a light alarm clock helps to shake off tiredness, because it works with simulated daylight. Fresh air is still a must, even when it's cold.
Alternating showers: It takes some effort, and not just for morning grouches, to turn the water in the shower to cold, but it's worth it. Alternating cold and warm showers stimulate blood circulation, and the cold water naturally wakes you up. It's best to start with cold water at the feet and slowly work your way up, bit by bit, so your body can get used to the temperature change.
Light exercise: Sure, for morning grouches, the thought of exercising early in the morning is probably worse than it is for everyone else. But it doesn't have to be a full hour workout either. Even a short walk in the fresh air can help wake you up and shake off fatigue. Bonus effect: Exercise directly boosts the production of happy hormones that put you in a good mood.

Attention: Morning grouches should avoid these mistakes!
In order not to make yourself even more difficult than absolutely necessary, morning grouches should also avoid these things:

Drinking too little: You can even operate the coffee machine while half asleep because no one will get you out of the door without the usual caffeine kick? You're welcome to it - but you'd be doing your health a favor if you reached for a glass of water before you even got your coffee cup. The reason: In the morning, the body is dehydrated. A glass of cold water with a little lemon or lime juice can help. This is good for the water balance, stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the mouth and throat, balances the body, and gives it energy.
Eat only carbohydrates: The fact that a healthy morning begins with muesli, wholemeal bread, or oatmeal is true - with one caveat: Through the morning breakfast brings a morning grouch only if he skillfully combines the carbohydrates. Because as quickly as carbohydrates drive up blood sugar levels and give you an energy kick, they are also used up again just as quickly. The trick: If you mix proteins with carbohydrates, you can keep going until lunch without feeling hungry. Protein slows down the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood and thus curbs the appetite. Don't just eat fruit or fruit juice for breakfast. A dry raisin roll is not a good idea either. Muesli with milk or yogurt, preferably with a handful of nuts or flaxseeds, is ideal. Or you can make yourself a cheese sandwich.
Taking on too much: To-do lists help us structure our daily lives and prioritize tasks. But they also tend to get longer and longer - and often seem impossible to complete for a morning person at the start of the day. Don't let this stress you out. Take a moment in the morning and set three achievable goals for that day. These include things like: Finally making a dentist appointment, making your own bread instead of rushing to the bakery, or packing your gym bag and taking a fitness class after work.
Getting out of bed awkwardly: Even if you don't get lumbago right away, there are many unhealthy ways to get out of bed This goes for larks and owl-induced morning grouches alike! The gentlest way to get up goes like this: roll onto your right side and push yourself into a sitting position. Then stand up with your back straight. This takes the pressure off your heart and back - and is an easy morning ritual.
Turn on your smartphone before you even get out of bed: Who tweeted what? What news is important today? Did I get any important emails? No sooner have you stopped the smartphone alarm clock than you switch off flight mode and soak up the first information of the day while still lying in bed? That's convenient, but it makes your stress level skyrocket even before breakfast. Better for every morning grouch: Sit up straight after waking up, take five minutes, and focus on your breath and your mind. Then get ready for the day and scan the news only at the end.


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