VANILLEDUFT The secret tip against ravenous appetite

According to British researchers, the scent of vanilla is considered an insider tip in the fight against cravings for sweets. We explain what you should know about it.
Combat a sweet scent with another sweet scent - and the craving goes away. Sounds kind of like a fairy tale, but according to London researchers, it actually works. At least when you use vanilla scent to get rid of cravings. For the study of the British scientists, 200 test persons got a smell of plaster stuck on the skin. In 70 participants, the patch smelled of vanilla, while the 130 others wore either a placebo patch or one that smelled of lemon.

Using vanilla to combat cravings
Over a period of four weeks, the eating behavior of the participants was recorded in detail. The surprising result: the people who wore the vanilla patch ate only half as much chocolate as usual and also consumed fewer sugary drinks. In the other groups, however, the eating behavior of the test subjects had not changed.

But why does the desire for sweets disappear with the scent of vanilla? This has not yet been fully explained, but the researchers suspect a connection between the release of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain and the vanilla aroma. After all, chocolate also usually ensures that happiness hormones are released - so vanilla acts as a kind of substitute for the sweetness effect. The theory is also supported by the fact that the appetite for fatty foods or alcohol was not dampened by the vanilla patches.

Why do we have cravings in the first place?
Cravings can ruin any kind of weight loss attempt. However, we shouldn't be angry with our bodies for this - because cravings are actually just an alarm signal from the body that it is lacking nutrients. And since the brain is dependent on a good supply of energy, it immediately fires on all cylinders in the event of a shortage - which can cause not only a penetratingly growling stomach but also nausea. 

Just as nasty: The brain is particularly happy about sugar at this time because it provides energy quickly and causes the blood sugar level to shoot up. However, this level also drops just as quickly after sugar consumption, leaving us tired and listless. Instead of turning to sweets, it is, therefore, best to distract ourselves a little during a ravenous appetite. After all, the nagging feeling of hunger usually disappears on its own after a short time. You can find more tips against ravenous appetite here.


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