WHITE TEETH These foods have a whitening effect

A brilliant white toothpaste smile, that's what we all want. Unfortunately, coffee in the morning or red wine on cold winter evenings are not particularly conducive to dazzling white teeth. But some foods are. And here they come. 
What we glimpse when our counterpart opens his mouth can drive the first impression straight to the wall at the speed of light. This is true not only for job interviews but also for dating. No one wants to kiss someone who has a cratered landscape of plaque in their mouth. Beautiful, white, and, above all, clean teeth make an incredible difference. And, of course, the dazzling smile plays a role in every advertisement for toothpaste. In real life, however, our teeth have a lot to do every day, and discoloration is inevitable. But does it always have to be whitening at the dentist or can we do something about the whiteness of our teeth with our diet?

Is it possible to eat white teeth again?
The fact is that our natural tooth color is hereditary and very individual. And just because teeth darken does not mean that they are not healthy. Nevertheless, discoloration from the natural color to a darker tone is exclusively due to lifestyle and diet. Smoking and the consumption of certain beverages cause a dark discoloration of the teeth - red wine is particularly bad for this. But also black tea and coffee discolor the teeth in the long term, explains Diana Svoboda, head of the dura specialist clinic for dental aesthetics and implantology in Essen. However, some foods help to maintain a light tooth color:

Pineapple, for example, contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps to loosen plaque from the tooth.
Nuts have a slightly exfoliating effect on the teeth due to their consistency.
Natural yogurt improves the pH value in our mouth through its yogurt cultures and ensures a healthy oral climate. Also, the many minerals keep the enamel nice and healthy and give the teeth back their natural whiteness.

Cheese contains important minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. These services, among other things, to remineralize the enamel - and at the same time to whiten our teeth.

Vitamin C from oranges, lemons, and strawberries has a self-cleaning effect. Inflammation of the gums is prevented and the increased saliva flow provides a natural mouth rinse.  

Oil pulling with coconut oil leaves a protective film in the mouth, which repels germs and bacteria that discolor the teeth. 

If you want white teeth in the long term, it is better to avoid red wine, coffee, chocolate, dark bears, and nicotine.

Unfortunately, however, these foods do more to maintain the health of our teeth and thus their natural whiteness. If the teeth are already very heavily discolored, only professional bleaching will help.

Hands off home remedies!
Time and again, wild rumors circulate about home remedies such as baking soda and lemon juice, salt, or baking soda, which supposedly make teeth white again. Please do not try them, warns Diana Svoboda. All these remedies attack the tooth enamel - much more strongly than whitening at the dentist does, with a much smaller effect. 


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