5 good reasons why you should eat tangerines every day

When it gets cold outside again, it's time for tangerines. They are not only delicious but also really good for us - find out why here!
Especially in the cold season, we need to pamper our bodies with lots of vitamins and fiber - also so that our immune system can work optimally and we are less susceptible to infections. A real health booster is tangerines, which are now fortunately available everywhere.

But what makes these sweet little citrus fruits so healthy? We explain five reasons why you should eat tangerines every day now.

1. tangerines strengthen the bones
Tangerines contain a lot of trace elements and minerals such as calcium. This strengthens the bones and ensures healthy teeth. Also, tangerines have a particularly good bioavailability - this means that the body can better absorb the nutrients contained in the citrus fruit. The reason for this is the fruit acid in the tangerine.

2. tangerines are good for the skin
For healthy and firm skin, the body needs a lot of vitamin C, because it ensures that more collagen connective tissue is built. And this, in turn, gives us beautiful smooth skin. However, the body cannot produce vitamin C itself but must absorb it through food. And the tangerine is a real vitamin C bomb! Also important for the skin and abundant in tangerines: The so-called pro-vitamin A, also known as beta-carotene. It ensures that cells are regenerated. 

3. tangerines improve the immune system
We also benefit from the vitamin C in tangerines in the fight against colds. In general, the vitamin strengthens our defenses, but if we do catch a cold, it can also shorten the duration of the cold. Three to four tangerines a day are ideal - this already covers one-third of our daily vitamin C requirement.

4. tangerines help to lose weight
Hard to believe, but true: US researchers found out with a study that mandarins can help us even with losing weight. According to the study, the substance nobiletin contained in the citrus fruits stimulates fat burning. Tip: Nobiletin is mainly found directly under the peel in the white fibers, which you often tend to peel off. It is, therefore, worthwhile to eat them as well.

5. tangerines protect the liver
By the way, nobiletin has another good property: The substance also ensures that not too much fat can accumulate in the liver and thus keeps it healthy. A fatty liver, which can develop mainly through the intake of a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, is a trigger for various diseases such as various types of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.


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