Mayr cure: Lose weight through intestinal rehabilitation?

The Mayr cure is a naturopathic method for intestinal cleansing, which is also intended to facilitate weight loss. How the cure works and what it brings, you will learn here!
What is the Mayr cure?
The Mayr cure (named after its inventor Franz Xaver Mayr or FX Mayr for short) is a naturopathic fasting method for intestinal cleansing and purification of the human organism. For many patients it is used in form of a diet however also for removing. The Mayr cure should be accomplished best under medical supervision.

How does the Mayr cure work?
There are three phases of the Mayr cure, all of which require a lot of discipline:

Therapeutic fasting
Milk diet
Mild fasting diet ("derivative diet")
1. therapeutic fasting with tea
In the first one or two weeks of the Mayr cure, you live on water and herbal tea, so it is a strict form of therapeutic fasting. Who does not come against the hunger, may take however also in this phase at noon time at least something vegetable broth to itself.

2. milk diet
The milk diet, which stands in week three to approximately week six on the program, is probably the most well-known phase of the Mayr cure. It is also known as the bread and milk cure. After getting up one drinks during the Diet on an empty stomach approximately a quarter liter of warm water, into which a teaspoon Epsom salt is mixed. After that, experts advise light exercise, for example, 30 minutes of brisk walking.

After that, breakfast is on the agenda, to which the bread-and-milk cure owes its name: there is an old-baked roll (usually white flour or spelled), which is to be chewed well and slowly. Milk is drunk with it by the spoonful. Lunch also consists of a roll and milk, and in the evening again only tea may be drunk - also by the spoonful.

3 Mild, gentle food
Starting from approximately week six the last phase of the Mayr cure starts with the so-called derivative diet. Now light food stands on the food plan. In this case, this includes ripe fruit, lots of cooked and steamed vegetables (hardly any to no raw vegetables), fat and salt. Differently than recommended by the German society for nutrition whole grain products are to be renounced during the Mayr cure completely.

Does the Mayr cure really bring something?
Since the Mayr cure was developed as a holistic health concept, rapid weight loss is only one of several positive effects. For example, extended chewing stimulates digestion. Toxins are supposed to be flushed out of the body by the deliberate gentle diet, thereby cleansing the blood and sanitizing the intestines. Studies also show that the diet can improve the immune system.

Advantages of the diet
Several positive health effects
Safe under medical supervision
Plenty of protein due to the bread roll cure - this lowers the risk of the yo-yo effect
Disadvantages of the Mayr cure
Much discipline needed
High costs for inpatient treatment
Only short-term applicable
So that the kilos lost by the Mayr cure do not come back anyway, a subsequent change of diet consisting of lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, whole grain and dairy products should be made.


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