Never! We don't go along with these beauty trends!

Perm? 100 layers of make-up? Not with us! THESE beauty trends we refuse! For good reasons ...
Help! The Out of Wet Look!

Totally trendy this summer: the Out of Wet Style. Means: Start with wet hair in the morning, the rest is done by the wind on the bike or the stuffy air in the train. Famous role models like Katie Holmes or Lily Aldridge were recently spotted on the street with wet hair. Whew. Of course, air drying is gentle on the hair, but how please do we look when we arrive at the office? Even worse: there's a risk of catching a cold. If you venture outside in cool temperatures with a wet head, you run the risk of getting sick. This is a trend we go along with at the most wet-to-bed level. Curls or straight hair overnight - these hairstyles succeed even while you sleep!  

Creepy! The 100-layer trend!

They circulate through the net, the 100-layer video challenges of vloggers. 100 layers of make-up, nail polish (Here you can see the result: How many layers can you paint on top of each other?), lipstick... Girls, one request: Leave us alone with the product waste. 

Oh no! Body contouring all over the body

What do you mean, we should put makeup on our buttocks? And contour the buttocks with make-up so that they look better proportioned? An absurd trend that will probably never reach the beaches between Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein, and Lower Saxony. The same goes for upper-arm contouring, breast contouring, and tummy contouring.

Without us! The collarbone challenge!

Absurd beauty challenges storm through the net and roll-out especially on photo platforms like Instagram. This summer, the #CollarboneChallenge delights us, where women photograph their collarbone and compete to see who has the deepest collarbone pit. 


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