Life is too short for later - why we need to seek happiness NOW


Why is our life a constant struggle? Alexandra asked herself this question and found a way to enjoy her life better. She simply assumed that she only had one year to live.
I think we've all heard that saying, "Live every day like it's your last!" Sounds kind of like Carpe Diem, like a hollow calendar saying. But why actually? And what happens when we really live as if we don't have long left?

One year to live
Author Alexandra Reinwarth (bestseller: "Am Arsch vorbei geht auch ein Weg") has asked herself these questions and dared an exciting experiment: How do you actually live with the certainty that your time is running out? "Life is too short for later" is the title of her book. In it, she describes what happened after she decided she was going to "die" on February 22. One year to live - what does this certainty do to us?

For Alexandra, this self-imposed deadline meant (in the truest sense of the word) above all to finally really enjoy life and not just to make plans to do so. Far too often in our daily lives, we only worry about what is expected of us and not what we really want. 

"This mediocre, security-conscious little life is of course my own fault," Alexandra realized and turned her life completely upside down. From now on, only one question mattered in life: "What would I do if I had only one year to live?"

Changes in all areas of life
What happened bordered on magic: For the first time, Alexandra lived exactly the way she wanted to. She's canceled dates she otherwise would have gone through without a sense of duty, finally told her boyfriend her secret sex desires, finally told that annoying colleague to leave her alone, and most importantly, realized how good it feels to forgive ("It makes you bigger, stronger, and fills your heart with good things instead of bad.").

Bottom line: follow your heart (finally)!
And what did Alexandra get out of the self-experiment? How did she feel on her "death day", what lesson did she learn through her experiment? She writes: "Life has changed and the best thing is: It will continue to change and I will change with it. I want to continue to listen to my heart and follow it, even if sometimes fear, doubt, insecurity, and other people stand in its way because it is the only thing that matters. Do it too, it's worth it."

By the way: for all those who also want to finally follow their heart, Alexandra has also published a workbook on "Life is too short for later". In "Unfuck your Life" there are 52 lessons to implement yourself for all those who finally want to do the really important things and arrive in the now.

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